Annotated Instructor's Edition (AIE)

The primary components of the Annotated Instructor's Edition are:

  • Tips, Resources, and Information This is the teacher's version of the textbook. Useful teaching tips, resources, and information, are listed in color in the margin. These provide the helpful comments that a teacher would typically make while presenting the material.
  • Section Objectives The AIE lists the section objectives at the beginning of each section.
  • Every Answer Every problem has its answer conveniently placed next to it within the exercise sets, review material, and tests.
  • Color Annotations All of the teacher's annotations are in a special color so that they are easily seen. This makes it easy to reference them as you are going through the material.
  • The Text The text has all of the material that is in Beginning Algebra 5.0, plus the teacher's resource material and answers to all of the problems. The AIE does not contain the video lectures.
  • State Requirements The AIE lists many of the state standards such as TASP, ELM, CLAST, etc., and lists the location in the text of those. These are the skills that certain states require a textbook to cover before it can be used in state schools.

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