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Classroom On A Disc™
-- The contents of these CDs and
DVDs are drawn from a series of successful textbooks that have been used by millions of students. These textbooks are
now in their fourth edition and have been a standard in mathematics classrooms across the country for over 20


-- During the twenty-year evolution
of the first four editions of the textbooks, more than 250
classroom teachers from across the country were
recruited to assist in refining each of the new editions.
Their input has helped shape the material into a
style that is universally successful.


Audio/Video Lectures On Every Page In The 5.0
The textbooks are now available on CD or DVD
and are enhanced with audio/video lectures on every page.
As you are studying the material, there are video lectures
next to the material explaining the concepts, procedures,
and examples as they appear. Within the exercise sets and chapter review material, you will find video lectures next to
the appropriate problems, which reinforce and solidify the learning experience.

Time Honored --
The authors - Wesner - Nustad -
Mahler - Ailawadi have a combined 155 years of
classroom teaching experience, which has been carefully
crafted into their textbooks. Their personal interaction with students is the key ingredient in the development of these
CDs and DVDs.

Classroom Tested
-- Countless other classroom teachers have sent in valuable comments regarding their experiences while using the textbooks in their classes. These helpful suggestions have also played a major role in making the material a successful learning tool for the students using it.

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